SUNTECH® Weed Shield is made up of non woven polypropylene or polyester and is a unique, lightweight landscape fabric that blocks weeds while letting water and nutrients in.
  • Features
  • Technical
  • Applications
  • SUNTECH® WEED SHIELD can be used for landscaping, gardening and construction applications.
  • SUNTECH® WEED SHIELD is installed at the interface between soil and a decorative layer such as bark chippings, stone chippings, pebbles or gravel.
  • SUNTECH® WEED SHIELD is easy to cut, simple to position, flexible to adapt to uneven ground.
  • SUNTECH® WEED SHIELD is supplied in roll sizes to suit small gardens to large landscape project.
  • SUNTECH® WEED SHIELD is maintenance free and resistant to microbiological and chemicals.
ProductSize (m)GSMCSR Puncture ResistanceTensile StrengthMaterial
    • Weed Control
    • Planter and Pot Drainage
    • Under Wood Decks
    • Timber Retaining Walls
    • Flower beds and gardens