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  About Suntech GEOTEXTILE 
  • Suntech GEOTEXTILEGEOTEXTILE is an organization born out of this very philosophy, using state-of-the-art technology, process and infrastructure, combined with world class professionals and human resources.

  • Suntech GEOTEXTILE GEOTEXTILES are committed to provide its expertise through its products in Civil engineering, Environmental protection, Furniture and Bedding, Filtration, Automotive Industry etc.

  • Suntech GEOTEXTILE GEOTEXTILE is dedicated to provide quality Technical Textile to meet today’s advanced engineering requirements for stabilizing, Separation, filtration, Reinforcement and Erosion Control.
Suntech Contact “PRABHU KUTIR”, Ramadhin Marg,
Chhattisgarh State, INDIA
Tel - +91 7744 404919, 409419, 222777
Mob - +91 9827527279
Mob - +91 9310127279
Fax - +91 7744 409410
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